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Occupational Health & Safety Services

We specialize in safety and accident prevention, loss control. Prevents accidents before they occur by taking the right steps.

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K.G. Wilkes & Associates Canada Inc., boasts years of experience in safety/accident prevention services. These services can be specifically suited to your firms’ needs.


What We Do:

We offer any firm, regardless of size, the services of safety/accident prevention consultants fully conversant in all requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, both construction and industrial. Initially, we visit your operating facility to conduct a full analysis of your operation, and meet with those members of your staff who respond to the question of accident prevention and loss control.  This acquired understanding of your company and operating environment, permits us to prepare effective programs relating to occupational health, safety and Worker’s Compensation claims/cost controls, specifically suited to your needs.


Our Method:

Our philosophies are based on current accident prevention/loss control techniques and practises as they may relate to safety in the workplace.


A visit to your facility enables us to prepare a detailed analysis and evaluation of existing, related practises.  These include plant/project safety inspection, control of Workers’ Compensation costs, personnel training, management counselling and program-policy development.


Once the parameters of an effective program have been established, we will liaisse with you and your staff to recommend both a program and a method of instituting same within a suitable and mutually acceptable time frame.

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